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Chimney Services

Chimney Services



Chimney Repair and Inspection


There are many facets that make up your chimney; each is an important, integral part of your fireplace. Each of these, at times, may need replacing or chimney repair.





Over time the mortar in between your bricks will need repointing. Pointing is the process in which the mortar between the bricks is trimmed into a concave shape between the bricks in order to insure the water runs off your chimney. A1 Everlast, a licensed chimney repair contractor, will remove the cracked and broken mortar and replace the mortar with the final step being the pointing.





The concrete top of your chimney is referred to as the crown. In northern New Jersey your chimney’s crown will be affected by the changes in weather as all concrete does. Insure the crown is in good shape and ask A1 Everlast to top off your crown with a chimney cap to insure no debris or animals can fall into your chimney. Chimney capping is also important to help dissuade the wet elements such as snow and rain.





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Regardless of your chimney repair and inspection needs, A1 Everlast can help. Our licensed and insured technicians are ready to service your chimney in Bergen, Passaic, Union, Essex, Morris, and Hudson counties n New Jersey



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